Thermoplastic and Biopolymer processing 

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Fram Trak™ Extrusion Technology

Plastic extrusions and co-extrusions in any color or length are produced with close tolerance and critical edge cut quality.  Our patented co-extrusion bonding method created by Fram Trak™  improves product quality.  These products consist of a continuous length (specified by the customer) of plastic that is forced through a specially designed metal shape called an extrusion die into a custom or stock part


Key Benefits

  • A state-of-the-art manufacturing floor outfitted with high-tech equipment run by experienced personnel.
  • Fram Trak™  has the ability to combine design and engineering stages under one roof with the actual product manufacturing, so there is minimal room for oversights, delays or problems.
  • By offering the option of laminating, decorating, and fabricating services for extruded parts, the total manufacturing process is simplified for our customers.
  • Co-extrusion needs can be accommodated whether it be multi color or material application using our patented process.
  • Fram Trak™  products meet UL, FAR, FDA, GMP and MIL specifications.

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Plastic Extrusions - Custom & Stock  

Injection Molding - Custom & Stock

Design & Engineering With In-house Tooling Service

Assembly & Packaging with Decorative Applications 

Fram Trak™   - Point of Purchase Products for the Display Industry 

Wire Trak™  - Nonmetallic Wire Management Raceways & Accessories 

Alpha Trak™  - Nonmetallic Extreme Environment  Wire Management Raceways

Farm Trak™ Electric Fencing Systems

Lip Stick and Cosmetic Packaging Products

E-STAT  Plastic Products - Immobilizer Support & Emergency Medical Collars

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