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                         E-STAT™  Plastic Products 
Immobilizer Support & Emergency Collars

E-Stat, a division of Fram Trak™  Industries offers both emergency and orthopedic immobilizer cervical collars.  Our “Quick Collar” is an emergency use one-piece collar that assembles with our patented zip rivet design.  This design enables the emergency response team to immobilize the patient quickly and efficiently.  The two-piece “Comfort Collar” is an orthopedic cervical support collar that has been designed for multiple and long term use.  Both collars are manufactured and monitored by our quality control department.  Our dedication to details enables us to meet the specifications set for these products.

Key Benefits

       “Quick Collar”, as pictured left is a single piece construction made from high-density medical grade polyethylene plastic.

      While “Comfort Collar” above is thermoformed from a soft, closed cell, non-toxic hypoallergenic Epilon foam with an internal high-density polyethylene insert.  

  •       Both collars are lightweight, radiolucent and incorporate large tracheotomy openings plus additional openings for ventilation and comfort into their design.

  •        “Quick Collar” comes in 6 sizes including infant and pediatric and are color coded for easy size determination.  A preformed chin cup requires no additional assembly.

  •      “Comfort Collar” comes in 3 sizes, 4 heights, and a pediatric size in soft beige.   This collar is designed with front fastening pressure sensitive closure for easy application.

  •         The high-density polyethylene insert and the contour of the “Comfort Collar” allow complete circumferential cervical support laterally as well as anterior and posterior movements.  This collar can include a lavender fragrance incorporated into the Epilon foam.  The fragrance is calming and balancing, both physically and emotionally, and is widely used in aromatherapy.

Patent Received for Improved Cervical Collar   

Precautions: The Quick Collar and Comfort Collar should always be applied by a qualified healthcare professional.  Make sure the collar is neither too tight nor too loose which could impair normal breathing or create pressure areas.  Always consult the patient’s physician, should there be any concerns about the patient’s condition.  


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